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Building an Integrated

Online Marketing Strategy

A successful marketing plan considers every digital channel, from email marketing to search engine advertising to social media management and much more. A well thought out marketing plan will focus on business core values, customers, and goals.

Are you confident in your

online marketing strategy?

Your company may need a fresh outlook, new ideas with a creative approach, and most importantly a focus on how to increase sales and revenue.

SnapBrandit will help you achieve this and much more.


Our goal is to help you create an integrated online marketing plan at a budget that is affordable and measurable for your business. We specialise in working with independent or small to medium size businesses set clearly defined digital marketing objectives!

Digital Marketing Strategy

with a Promise

SnapBrandit will help you to evaluate the best digital marketing channel for your message, whether it's Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Advertising or a combination of all.


A successful online marketing strategy will include a well thought out calendar for putting the right content in front of the right people at the right time.


Additionally, we have the knowledge to research your target audience, implement a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and paid advertising plan.


Once a digital marketing strategy has been agreed we will jump into action for your business and provide monthly reports on progress.


Remember our dedication to you is...

Grow your business with a budget you can afford.



Together we will discuss your personal and business objectives, such as:


  1. Defining who you are

  2. Creating your value statement

  3. Identifying your customers

  4. Measuring lifetime value and loyalty

  5. Researching customers

  6. Defining marketing goals

  7. Creating a long-term content calendar

  8. Curating content

  9. Measuring and modifying your plan

“Steve was a positive asset to the team; working with the management at the Manchester site through some difficult times that were pivotal in the process of growing the business, improving morale and finally being a much better, more focused and fun business to be a part of”

(Phil Norris - Head of Call Centres - Bank of Scotland)


Let’s work together and enjoy the journey...

Do you have confidence in your

digital marketing strategy?


No? Then we can help you.

Yes? Fantastic. Together we can add more value!