Geo-location marketing


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Geo-location advertising

The term Geo-targeting means the ability to deliver

a digital advertisement to an audience in a chosen l

location with set parameters, for example, a radius of 3km.

Why use Geo-location marketing?

Example of Geo-location marketing?

Almost any business that has an online website and social media channel can benefit greatly from using location-based adv. For example, say you sell football merchandise and you want to build your brand awareness to football enthusiasts. You can deliver a specific adv to fans who are going to watch their football team, for example, a team in Serie A.


Geo-targeting enables you to target those fans on match day. (let us say the San Siro in Milano)


You can create an advertising campaign for all people at the San Siro and select a radius of 3km. So when a person opens their Facebook or Instagram app they will see your advertisement in their news and stories feeds.


Great! A specific and relevant adv that captures their attention! This type of adv is known as specific disruption marketing, and when used correctly can grow your brand and online sales.

The advantages of location-based advertising are specifically useful when targeting people who are in a location that you want to communicate with using Google text adv, banner adv and GDN (Google Display Network) It allows you deliver a message that is relevant to that audience at that specific location and time.

Serie A football geo-targeting

View below image illustration 

geo-targeting football fans 

San Siro Milano (Targeting 3 km radius)

Your company adv on

Google, Facebook, and Instagram

Geo-loaction targeting image taken from Google Ads
AC Milan logo
geo-location pin inside Google maps
Smartphone displaying geo-targeting Google Ads
AC Milan Football Top Image.jpeg

What next?

If you would like to explore and test this type of marketing then we encourage you to contact us. Let us discuss together with your ideas and agree on an action plan.

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