Instagram marketing


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Instagram marketing

Instagram is one of the most effective social network platforms for personal brands and business owners.


Did you know that more than 173 billion photos have been shared on Instagram, with an average of 95+ million uploaded each day; that’s a lot of selfies.


But it also means a lot of potential money for your business. Are you trying to figure out Instagram marketing and how to use this fast-growing social network?


Instagram marketing benefits:

  • Connect with customers across multiple channels

  • Re-use marketing materials: Work smarter,

       not harder

  • Gain insight as to what your audience likes.

  • Connect with Influencers

  • Image and text creation to drive call to action (CTA)

  • Connect with your audience using 'Live' video 

Instagram commitment

Can you...



  • Put forth a daily commitment to post often and respond to feedback?


  • Have the ability to analyse your social measurements and target new posts based upon gathered information?


  • Take engaging photographic and video-graphic content to share often?


  • Follow, influence and curate content from influential users?



Do you have functional knowledge of advertising, branding, and marketing?


No? Then we can help you.

Yes? Fantastic. Together we can add more value!